Futura Invent presents itself to develop business ventures arising from an innovation that can be in practice and quickly transformed into a marketable and saleable product.

Futura Invent, which is part of Copan Group, through its structure will collect and value these projects taking care of:

  • doing a first evaluation about the feasibility;
  • creating the team of experts and entrepreneurs for the development of the initiative, it is important to involve businessmen who work in sectors that are complementary to the project;
  • the identification of one or more dominus of the specific selected initiative;
  • involving the young talents of Copan Group eager to start and wishing - in part - to invest part of their free time in the initiative, by getting back a participation in the Start Up Capital, as soon as the same received support from Futura Invent and the potential investors.

Futura Invent

+39 030 2687218

Via F. Perotti, 18
25125 Brescia

Nr. REA: MI-1913095

VAT Nr.: 06760730967

Soc. Cap.: € 100.000,00 i.v.